2001-09-19 / Obituaries

Fill In The Blank Dear Editor,

Fill In The Blank
Dear Editor,

It is not enough to address a letter to my family, friends and neighbors of Philipstown. In so many ways, our community has expanded as a result of this last week’s unthinkable events. Some will soon say "It is time to stop (whining, grieving, talking about it), and…(fill in the blank).

For some it may be. But for others with even greater loss, it is not. Let us talk and grieve with each other, let us listen and understand by hearing the dialogue of our talk show hosts. Let us acknowledge that our world has become a giant support group in which we help each other work through the stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, grief, acceptance and forgiveness.

While we cannot "forgive and forget" those fanatics who use their cultural and religious ethnicity to commit such violent acts, we must try to understand and accept those from afar, those different from us, even those among us making retaliatory statements or deeds.

In the coming weeks, let the people of our community ponder and pray a minute before "filling in the blank".

MaryEllen Finger

Cold Spring

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