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Any Other Day To the Editor,

Any Other Day
To the Editor,

You left home for work like any day, not knowing what was to come. As you take your seat on the train your thoughts are on the work you must do today, "will the market rise or fall? Should we buy or sell? Maybe I should go to the gym during lunch, I could use to lose a few pounds…thank God I still have my hair!"

You arrive at Grand Central and on to your final destination. It’s 8:00am by now and just enough time to stop for coffee and a buttered roll, thinking "I’ll start my diet Wednesday."

You make your way through the crowd to the "city in the city", familiar faces seen every day knowing but not knowing.

On the crowded elevator to the 82nd floor, now settling in to start your work, for a moment thinking as you lift your eyes to a photo on your desk of your wife and new baby girl, you think to yourself, "how lucky I am to have such a life and the best is yet to come."

You start your work and look up once more – oh the light is so bright and warm, such a feeling of love and peace. "I guess I’m safely home again."

RoseMarie Olshakosli

Cold Spring

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