March 5, 2003 RSS feed / Letters to the Editor

Unelected Official Influencing Much Of Philipstown’s Future

Dear Editor,

Last week the Planning Board (PB) held a workshop so that Jennifer Van Tuyl, their consulting attorney, could explain the Philipstown Steep Slopes law to them. More...

Double Digit Tax Increase For Haldane?


Will Haldane call for a Double Digit Tax Increase? First, expect that state budget deficits will be expressed in school tax increases and that no abatement will be made to state mandated spending. More...

Main Street Merchants Deserve Your Support


This past Sunday evening, I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Cathryn More...

Garrison BOE Lives in Bubble Of Infinite Resources

Apparently the Garrison School Board of Education lives in a serene and happy bubble of infinite resources. Ah, the joy of being able to levy taxes. The familiar dance of persuasion is underway. More...

Haldane Board’s Arrogance Is A Continuum Of What Surrounds Us

To the Editor,

By and large I don More...

"Hysterical" Review Board Is Anti-business

The Cold Spring "Hysterical" Review Board has outdone itself in anti-business meddling. More...

Weekly Poll

Are you in agreement with the Philipstown board changing the law so that you have to apply for a permit to use private property for events?