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Reader Laments Betrayal of Democracy


As indicated in newspaper articles etc., it seems the politicians in Putnam are pursuing their traditional game of pendulum pushing -while waiting for the next handout from other government sources. More...

Anti-Development Lobby Overrun With Excess Punctuation

Dear Sir,

I was enjoying a delightful day out in upstate NY yesterday when I came across large placards outside a house (13 Main Street, I believe). A 40' foot (sic) condo was being planned. More...

Indian Brook LLC Subdivision Approval Sets a Bad Precedent


As an interested party and adjoining land owner, I have followed the proposed subdivision by Indian Brook LLC over the past two years. I have spoken before the Wetlands Committee and the Planning Board. More...

Village Historian Urges Profound Care in Waterfront Decisions

I in no way oppose constructive, discriminate housing, yet I find disturbance in accepting and adjusting to the current building boom in Cold Spring village. More...

CS Resident Protests Building of 11 Unit Condo at Waterfront

I wish to add my name to the growing list of Cold Spring residents who wish to vehemently protest the building of the 11-unit condo development on the riverfront. More...

Mayor Responds to Concerns About Zoning Board

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President Bush is the One Who Should Be Embarrassed

Although Sister Mary Martin wrote last week that she, being Irish, was embarrassed that President Bush encountered aggressive questioning from the Washington Correspondent of the Irish News Service, Carole Coleman, I would say the real embarrassment More...

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