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Voting Shows Respect for Rights and Responsibilties of Citizenship

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Write in Your Vote for Selendy

The result of the Democratic Primary election for Congress in our District was disappointing to many, in part because the candidate who will be on the ballot as the Democratic candidate used methods in his campaign that were, at a minimum, questionab More...

Winston Lane, a Lost Cause?


The phone calls and letters of support in response to my attempt to have stop signs installed on Winston Lane in Continental Village have been overwhelming. More...

Vandalism of Campaign Signs Runs Across Parties

I can assure Miss Budney and Miss Ross that theft and destruction of campaign signs, unfortunately, is not limited to one party. In an effort to teach my children the blessings of liberty and free speech, I had them help me put up campaign signs. More...

A Day of Hope


Joyce Blum of Philipstown for Democracy organized groups of concerned citizens to go to Pennsylvania to work with ACT - America Coming Together. More...

Account of Garrison Board Meeting Left Out Information

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Sees Unrewarding Future for CS School Children

As a resident of Cold Spring for over 40 years, employee of Butterfield Hospital for 25 years, volunteer at every hospital fair as well as other events and institutions, a mother of three Haldane students and grandmother of four; I cannot describe ho More...

AP Phone Home

It is not often that a small village is the beneficiary of an unexpected windfall. More...

Democracy Is A Good Idea - We Ought To Try It

Dear Editor,

Regarding Betty Budney More...

New York State Has Paid Heavily for the War in Iraq

New Yorkers are paying heavily for the war in Iraq. The total cost of the war is over $150 billion, and rising, of which New York has contributed $13. More...

Let’s Keep to All Code Requirements

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Proud of Congresswoman Kelly

I would like to respond to Rita Ross More...

Selendy Asks For Vote


This election is the most important election of our lifetime because the contract between the citizens of our nation and our government is in jeopardy. More...

Weekly Poll

Are you in agreement with the Philipstown board changing the law so that you have to apply for a permit to use private property for events?