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Comparison Studies Needed for Successful Town Planning

Elected officials must listen to the people and respect their wishes. Problems can be resolved by comparing notes with other town boards. More...

Comments on the Proposed K-9 Unit in Cold Spring

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Community Not Properly Advised of Important Meeting re: Lumberyard

On January 18, the village of Cold Spring More...

Why is Tim Miller Working for Philipstown?

(reprinted at the request of the author)
To the Philipstown Town Council,

Having attended meetings over the last 7 years, and having just read his resume posted on his web site www.timmillerassociates.com, I wonder why someone with such expertise in helping place Walmarts, Home Depots, Donald Trump More...

Graymoor Sister Laments Lack of Coverage on Abortion Foes

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Computerized Voting is More Susceptible to Error and Fraud


The issue of computerized voting is not just something that affects Ohio and Florida More...

Says CS Village Officials Do it Again

Dear Editor,

Once Again are we seeing the backroom meetings of our village elders on the planning board and elected officials working at all costs to see to it, the ravaging of our beloved waterfront, and these same elders, and officials that continually insist t More...

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