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Santucci/Mountain Trace Proposal is not "Reasonable Use"

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Top Ten Suggestions for Breaking the Tie Vote


1. Hire Katherine Harris to do a recount. More...

Coin Flip is not Democratic

Dear Editor,

Why not hold a runoff election to decide the tie vote for Trustee? A coin flip is hardly democracy in action. More...

Election Results Not Absolute

Dear Community Voters

For those of you who had to endure the extremely long time to vote, 45 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes, and were angry or upset, the blame clearly goes to the incumbents who forced two of the candidates to proceed with a write-in candidacy. More...

Voters Should Now Come Together for the Common Good

Dear Editor,

Infirm and small, hunched but irrepressible, they came. They came on walkers. They came on swollen feet. They stopped to learn about write-ins. Many came only to arrive and leave because the line was too long. More...

Residents Demonstrated Their Concern With Vote

Regardless of their reactions to the outcome of the March 15 election, all the citizens of Cold Spring should be very proud. Voters turned out in laudable numbers and patiently stood in lines, some waiting until nearly 10:30 pm to cast their ballots. More...

Common Threads Night a Gift to the Community

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Candidates Should Fix the System

The election will probably be over by the time this comes out, but I still feel the need to write this. I voted in the Village election but was unable to vote for my choice, John Teagle, because the lever wouldn More...

Weekly Poll

How was the snow removal around Philipstown?