November 19, 2008 RSS feed / Letters to the Editor

Forever Grateful for Supporters' Efforts

Dear Editor: Congratulations to Rep. Hall for a well-fought race. I'm grateful to voters for giving me the chance to run and to Rep. Hall for the spirited race. I wish Rep. Hall the best of luck in his second term. More...

Dismayed by Publication of Ignorant Letter

To The Editor: In response to the Nov 12 letter," What We Deserve," I am troubled and dismayed that the new Publisher of our community newspaper, would agree to publish this hateful and inflammatory letter. More...

Peekskill Hollow Road Widening Resolution Passed Without Adequate Review

To the Editor: In Putnam Valley, Peekskill Hollow Road is slated for a major road widening project, despite vigorous and persistent public objection. More...

Looking Into a Child's Eyes

Dear Editor: On Monday election eve, I ran into a friend in a store. She had her two-year-old, and her seven-week-old infant with her. I looked into the infant's eyes and realized the exchange between us was on the level of being. More...

Our Fresh President-elect is Indeed What We Deserve

Dear Editor: In response to Mr. Knox (esq.) letter of last week, I can happily say is that we have gotten what we deserve, and that is a new, fresh, president-elect named Barack Obama. Stephen Wallis Garrison More...

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