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Awakening the Sleeping Giant

Putnam Legislators Stand Against Retroactive MTA Tax

Earlier this summer, the Putnam County Legislature voted to disobey the law by refusing to pay the Metropolitan Transit Authority's so-called mobility tax, which amounts to . More...

Regarding Four Parcels

To the Editor: My name is Vincent R. Terio. I am 79 years old and resident of Philipstown for over 50 years. More...

Sober Reporting is Highly Valued

To the Editor: For years, many of us have relied on the PCN&R to depict the people, events, and public meetings that affect and enrich our lives in a sober and accurate manner, and we have considered this sober reporting a highly valued chara More...

Don't Forget About Historical Society

To the Editor: I was so pleased to read Steven Mattson's terrific article re: the West Point Foundry Preserve in the July 29 issue of the PCN&R. More...

Weekly Poll

How was the snow removal around Philipstown?
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