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Legal Notice
The Town of Putnam Valley (“The Town”) is soliciting bids for the compaction, transport and disposal of municipal solid waste collected from residents and deposited at the Town Transfer Station.   The Town requires compaction, transportation and disposal services and respondents will bid on the compaction, transportation or on the disposal, or on combined compaction, transport and disposal.  Disposal must be at a resource recovery facility or at a landfill which satisfies the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (“RCRA”),the successful bidder shall indemnify the Town and hold it harmless against any present and future liability under (i) Federal, State, or Local laws, rules or regulations and (ii) judicial or administrative interpretation thereof, including any judicial or administrative orders including, but not limited to, liability under CERCLA (Superfund).  All bids must be firm prices on a per-ton basis.  Failure to provide all information or providing false or misleading information will be grounds for disqualification of the bid or the termination, at the Town’s sole discretion, of any contractual relationship subsequently formed pursuant to this invitation for bids.  
    This invitation for bids is for services for the calendar year 2011.  The Town intends to establish a one-year contact with a disposal facility and will use the responses to this RFQ to help identify that facility.  Thus, the Town Board will pay particular attention to responses that offer the potential to extend the services at well-defined prices.  The Town Board is convinced that new waste to energy facilities can provide viable long-term contracts.  The Town Board is aware that landfills eventually fill up and that the liability of their environmental problems can fall on all the generators that contributed.  Thus, the Board will review with caution those bidders that utilize a landfill for disposal.
    Sealed proposals for the compaction, transport and/or disposal of waste will be received by the Town Clerk of the Town of Putnam Valley until 2:00 pm, September 14, 2010 at the Town Hall, 265 Oscawana Lake Road, Putnam Valley, NY  10579.  
    Contract documents may be examined at the office of the Town Clerk and bidders may obtain drawings and specifications for the Transfer Station.  
    The basis for bid evaluation and contact award is described in subsequent sections of this RFQ. Rejected bidders will be notified within 30 days and bid bonds will be returned.  The Town deserves the right to reject all proposals and advertise for new proposals.
Eileen Royael,
Town Clerk
Dated 8/25/2010


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