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Mayor, Trustees Seek Reelection

Will anyone step forward to challenge them?
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Seth Gallagher. 
PCN &R Photo Seth Gallagher. PCN &R Photo As of right now, it appears the March 15 Cold Spring Village elections will be relatively uneventful. Mayor Seth Gallagher, Trustee Bruce Campbell, and Trustee Ralph Falloon have announced they will be running for reelection. However, no challengers have stepped forward yet. There are rumors that former mayor Anthony Phillips may attempt to retake the seat from Gallagher, but Phillips would not confirm.

Surrounded by a shivering, yet largely enthusiastic, crowd of about 20 in front of the village hall, Cold Spring Mayor Seth Gallagher read a statement announcing his bid for reelection last Friday afternoon. Those gathered, including Lynn Miller, Aaron Freimark, Michael Armstrong, Trustee Bruce Campbell, and a number of children, responded enthusiastically, while a few onlookers, such as Trustee Chuck Hustis quietly observed from the background.

“As chief operating manager of the village I have made it a policy to work with the trustees and encourage them to take on projects so that we can all get more done in service to the village and the village residents,” Gallagher told the crowd. “Since taking office twenty-two months ago, I have worked to provide effective, efficient and thoughtful management of your money and your village, saving you money while protecting our infrastructure and delivering improved services. I hope that on March 15th you will vote for me so that I can continue to work for you.”

Speaking to the PCN&R on Monday, Gallagher said the main initiative is reducing dependency on property taxes. “I’m hoping to continue increasing revenue and cutting costs so we can decrease the amount we need to raise from property taxes,” he said. “We have done a good job of balancing the budget and creating a surplus so I’d like to continue finding out ways to reduce taxes.”

Also running for re-election are Village Trustees Bruce Campbell and Ralph Falloon.

“The main thing I’m looking forward to is the Locally Administered Federal Aid Transportation project,” Campbell told the PCN&R. “It involves upgrading some of our sidewalks and streets, mostly on Main St from the tracks up to Chestnut. There are other parts of the project, such as some repairs on Mountain Ave and Furnace St.”

Campbell said that one of the goals is to make Main Street completely compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Campbell, who is currently deputy mayor, said that he looks forward to the day to day tasks that job entails if re-elected and re-appointed.

Gallagher is part of the newly founded Working Village Group, which, in addition to Gallagher, supports both Campbell and Falloon. “The goal is to support people who believe in working cooperatively, who don’t jam up the system, who try to get things done to save money and support businesses,” he said.

However, Falloon urges people to vote based on who they think is the best candidate, and not who is affiliated with whom. “One of things that I pride myself on is not getting involved in any political affiliations, where someone would owe me or I owe somebody,” he said. “I think the [Working Village Group] is great and I thank them for the support and I really appreciate it, [but] I don’t want people voting for me who otherwise wouldn’t because of who I am friends with.”

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