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Philipstown, Cold Spring recovery begins

Flooding widespread; train service still out
Lois Powers

 Flooding at the Bandstand in Cold Spring on Sunday. Photo/Lois PowersFlooding at the Bandstand in Cold Spring on Sunday. Photo/Lois PowersHUDSON RIVER FLOODING BRINGS COLD SPRING EVACUATIONS


 Cold Spring townhome owners with views of the Hudson River were forced to evacuate this weekend along with scores living on lower Main and West Streets when Hurricane Irene powered the Hudson River past familiar boundaries, flooding streets, private yards, and basements, in some areas with up to 4 feet of water. The Hudson breach was so great Cold Spring’s famous Bandstand was engulfed up to its platform, its steps completely submerged.

 When the situation would return to normal is uncertain as Cold Spring will be dealing with the surge and draining problem of areas upstream in the coming week.

 At the height of Irene’s downpour, Main Street gutters flooded with gushing water making it unsafe to walk, with 40 m.p.h. winds blowing-out umbrellas of those few hardy souls, and driving torrents of rain down the hill. “Flooding is our biggest problem,” said Deputy Mayor, Bruce Campbell. The Fire Company assisted with pumping at a number of locations, he said. 

While businesses lost money, and some residents left town for safety reasons, the hurricane-come-tropical storm brought a somewhat different experience to others.

 West Street, home to the Cold Spring Boat & Yacht Club and a number of private homes, was transformed into a moving body of water. Trevor and Molly Large and their out-of-town friend, Theresa Blue, braved tropical storm wind and rain to get a cup of coffee at the Foundry Café, somehow open, on their way to “see what happened to the river,” Village resident Thea Levor decided the weather should not stop her from weeding at her Forge Gate Condo complex, and Mayor’s Park was taken over by scores of Canadian geese quick to take advantage of their new-found very large pond.

 The PCN&R would welcome your photos of storm preparation or damage. Send to editor Doug Cunningham, doug@pcnr.com. Thanks!






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