2011-11-02 / Civics and Politics

Road Report: Snake Hill Still out of Service


The unwelcome arrival of Hurricane Irene and its subsequent damage brought Philipstown’s roads to the forefront in a big way, but the Town has long been wrestling with how to keep these historic, unpaved byways safe and pristine without breaking the budget.

Supervisor Richard Shea told the PCN&R last week that parts of Indian Brook Road, South Mountain Pass, sections of Old Albany Post Road, Philipse Brook Road and Lane Gate Road from Route 9 to the crest of the hill are currently on the paving list.

Meanwhile, Snake Hill Road is still closed near the entrance to the Walter Hoving Home until a temporary bridge can be brought in and a traffic light installed to allow for one lane of traffic to move safely across the bridge. Snake Hill is a county road.

At Thursday night’s monthly Philipstown Board meeting, Shea told the community that the county had to go to bid on the stoplight, and it would likely be another month before the temporary fix is complete.

Since Snake Hill serves as the central connecting route between upper and lower Garrison, this is bad news, indeed. Those of us who regularly commute that way will have to wait a while longer—and continue using Routes 403 or 301—before we can save on gas, and time, again.

We checked with Garrison School Superintendent Gloria Colucci to see if the Snake Hill closure has had any significant impact either on school bus scheduling or fuel costs, and she said no. One bus route is now a little longer, but another route is a little shorter. Children are still getting to school on time, she said, but parents have had to make some scheduling adjustments.


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