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Parting the Waters on Winston Lane


The work site on Winston Lane was bustling Thursday morning.ANNIE CHESNUTThe work site on Winston Lane was bustling Thursday morning.ANNIE CHESNUT 

Hurricanes like Irene are gifts that keep on giving.

Even though these fast moving storms head pretty rapidly out to sea, the damage they leave behind can take months, or even years to undo.

For residents on Snake Hill Road, in Garrison, and Winston Lane, in Continental Village, the effects of Irene—which hit nearly six months ago— are still being felt every day as they deal with residual road damage caused by raging flood waters.

Severe damage to the bridge that supports Winston Lane as it winds from Route 9 south towards Sprout Brook Road has had several layers of impact. First of all, the road was immediately narrowed to one lane after supports on the north side of the small span crumbled and washed away. Then, after the Garrison School changed its bus route to accommodate the narrow passage, a child was nearly hit by a driver who illegally passed a stopped school bus at the intersection of Winston and Route 9. In addition to school buses, large emergency vehicles were unable to navigate the road at that point, creating a potential hazard to homes and individuals living in the area.

But this week the Philipstown Highway Department began what Superintendent Roger Chirico described as an 8- or 9-month project by creating a temporary bridge capable of supporting bus and truck traffic until the complete repair of the span can happen.

Yellow trucks, earth-moving equipment, and neon-jacketed workers were gathered at the site to begin the process of diverting the stream into two huge corrugated aluminum culverts. Once they are lined with material to create a “stream bottom,” the giant tubes will keep the stream flowing to protect its fish, amphibians, and other inhabitants while work continues.

As Chirico moved around the work site directing operations, Philipstown’s Wetland Inspector, David Klotzle, was on hand to make sure the work was being done in accordance with wetland regulations.


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