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The Old Fairgate Ruler Factory is Demolished

Photos Courtesy ANDE MERANTE

The Fairgate Ruler building before demolition.The Fairgate Ruler building before demolition.The former Fairgate Ruler Factory on Division Street in Nelsonville came tumbling down on Monday, Jan. 30 and, for most residents of the little village, it was a welcome change for the neighborhood. The large and unsightly blue building has been an eyesore in the community ever since the ruler company closed its business five years ago.

According to Village Clerk, Pauline Minners, James Parrella of Cold Spring, the owner of The Fairgate Ruler Factory after demolition.The Fairgate Ruler Factory after demolition.the property, secured a demolition permit from the village before the abandoned building was demolished. She was not sure what he planned to do with the property but it is currently zoned for residential use.

Minners explained, “That property has been zoned residential since the village’s last re-zoning project. However, since the ruler factory was pre-existing, non-conforming commercial use was allowed there. Once the factory closed, and after it was not in operation for two years, the zoning reverted back to residential.”

Minners also recalled that in the past, Fairgate was a destination for local school trips. “It was interesting for the students to see how their metal rulers were made.” She then added, “Fairgate made the best rulers, though. I still have one here on my desk and it is terrific!”


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