2012-05-23 / Civics and Politics

Planners Dig into Entergy Landscaping

by Tim Greco

On the agenda at the Philipstown Planning Board meeting on Thursday night were Entergy’s plans for the landscaping and lighting at the proposed facility at 3 Horsemen's Trail, in Cold Spring
Entergy is proposing to build a command center that would primarily be used in case of an incident at Indian Point Energy Center.
Planner Mary Ellen Finger recused herself from the discussion because she currently owns the property that Entergy will be using.
The board discussed the enhanced landscaping of the site in detail.
Glen Watson, representing Garrison Properties, LLC (Garrison Station Plaza), informed the Board that he had addressed the Board’s recommendations the last time they had met.
Planner Susan Jainchill reviewed some visual issues and said she needed to have more clarification on what was being proposed.
Among her many suggestions were that the plant list did not have sufficient information, and that “the Latin names of the plants were not there,” adding, “That’s not the typical plant list that a landscape architect would use.” She went on to say to Watson that she was giving him “suggestions, not demands.”
Although the public hearing was closed, chairMichael Leonard made an exception and let Glassbury Court resident Barbara Hobens address the lighting issue.
Hobens said as a homeowner she feels she would be directly impacted by the lighting on the site. She informed the Board that she was a taxpayer and her home was worth a half million dollars. “I sit on my patio and look at a dark mountain, and this lighting would be like a football field right at us.” She then pointed out that the lights would be on all night and took issue with the height of the light polls.
 After some discussion some Board members stated they would like to see more trees on the sight. The board asked to revisit the site plans at a future meeting to further discuss the illumination and the landscaping issues that have been identified. 
Also noteworthy was when Jainchill said she had sent an e-mail to the Board indicating that “no new application information will be accepted or presented at the Planning Board meeting.” She said this had been discussed previously, and for clarity the information must be submitted two weeks prior, with no new material or designs permitted to be submitted at the meeting itself. “It’s not fair to you and you will not have time to think through it,” she said to the Board.  

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