2012-07-04 / Arts and Entertainment

Local Interior Designers and Artists’ Lecture Series

Photo / Annie ChesnutPhoto / Annie ChesnutFrom July 10th through August 28th the Artfull Living Show House will be offering Lecture Series with the Interior Designers of the Show House on various subjects from Creating a Collection, to Applications of Feng Shui, or How to start with a Concept and End Up with a Home. Each Interior Designer will be offering a Tuesday Lecture with a Lunch and a tour of the show house for a cost of $40.

Space is limited so reservations are encouraged. Groups can be accommodated and lectures scheduled to their convenience.

Beginning on July 10th, interior designer and curator, Lithgow Osborne of Garrison will be speaking on “Creating a Collection: A Little Money Can Go a Long Way!”

Creating a collection seems daunting to most people, but in fact if you look around your home and really begin to look & analyze your belongings, you’ll see that you all ready have a “collection.” You may not look at it that way, but every time you purchase any non-essential, decorative object you are building your collection. The trick to creating a collection is focus and quality.

Watch the PCN&R and visit pcnr.com for more programs.

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