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Prayers for Grandson Dorian

Grandparents to Hold Fund-Raiser
By Tim Greco

Dorian Murray standing tall on grandfather, Bob “Pop” Doty’s shoulders 
Photo Provided Dorian Murray standing tall on grandfather, Bob “Pop” Doty’s shoulders Photo Provided Philipstown residents have always rallied the troops when someone was in need, especially a child. Cold Spring residents and grandparents Bob and Cheryl Doty are asking for the community to come together and assist their 4-yearold grandson Dorian, who has come down with cancer.

Recently, Bob and Cheryl went into New York City to do some sightseeing with their daughter Melissa Murray and Dorian, who lives in Westerly, Rhode Island. It was then that they noticed little Dorian began complaining his leg was hurting him and did not want to walk.

By the time they returned to Cold Spring, his right calf had become enlarged and hard to the touch.

When Melissa and Dorian returned home to Westerly, they immediately had Dorian tested. On April 24, a biopsy confirmed their fear. It was stage-four cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) which is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children.

The cancer forms numerous tumors on the skeletal muscle and can spread rapidly throughout the body.

That is just what happened to Dorian, as new tumors started to form in his body, including a golf-ball-sized one in his chest and two on his spine. Cheryl said, “They just keep growing and growing; it’s very aggressive.” Sadly, Bob, who works as an assistant warden at the Westchester County Jail, said, “They tested his bone marrow and it was 80 percent positive for cancer.”

They felt there was no hope and prepared themselves for the worst.

A joint effort began to plan a course of treatment to save little Dorian’s life with the help of the doctors at Hasbro Children’s hospital in RI, Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. There is hope although it comes with a cost.

Dorian will most likely be facing a year and a half of aggressive chemotherapy treatments and he recently finished a five-and-a-half-week radiation treatment. There is a fifty to seventy percent chance that he could beat the cancer, but as always, time will tell.

Bob said of the treatment, “They are hitting him with the chemo and they are really hitting him hard with the radiation.” He then said they had to slow down the radiation, “because his back became so burned it looked like he had second-degree burns.”

Because of treatment Dorian could no longer eat, and a feeding tube was then needed, but Cheryl said with the feeding tube he has gained some weight back.

With such a busy treatment schedule five days a week and the fact that this type of cancer is persistent, it has left single mom Melissa unable to work— and on top of everything else, funds have been tight.

It costs over $300 per week just to meet the insurance copayments. Cheryl said, “It’s crazy.”

As grandparents, the shock of hearing the news was overwhelming. Bob said when they got the news “I couldn’t even talk.”

Cheryl pointed to Dorian’s picture on the wall and paused and said, “Look at him, he’s only a four-year-old, he wants to play; he doesn’t even know how sick he is.”

When Dorian started to lose his hair, “Pop” Bob shaved his hair off as well, as he wanted to lessen the initial blow of his grandson losing his hair.

Bob and Cheryl have decided to help their daughter and grandson and are asking the community for their help.

They will hold a fundraiser on September 15th from 5 to 11 p.m. at the North Highland FD called “Throw Down” a spaghetti dinner and dance, where two teams will cook dinner and be judged on who makes a better dinner. Grandmother Cheryl will represent the red team and long time family friend Francine will represent the blue team. The music is by DJ “Johnny O.”

Along with dancing there will be door prizes and raffles.

It is unknown whether Dorian can make the trip; it will depend on how the treatments go that week and if he is strong enough to travel.

Tickets are $15 on sale now or at the door. Contact Sheryl, home at 845-809-5476, or cell at 914-382-1846. Donations can be made to Dorian Murray C/O Sheryl Doty 17 Horton Ct. Cold Spring NY 10516.

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