2012-12-26 / Civics and Politics

Putnam's Unemployment Second Lowest in the State

By Eric Gross

Putnam County finds itself with the lowest rate of unemployment in the entire Hudson Valley and the second lowest in all of New York State.

The State Labor Department Thursday reported Putnam's rate of unemployment for November at 6.2 percent, down from 7 percent in October and the same 6.2 percent rate of joblessness as in November 2011.

 In 1998, Putnam’s 2.2 percent rate of unemployment was the lowest in all of New York State.

County Executive Mary Ellen Odell reiterated her belief that while the news was “positive from a state perspective, I won't be happy until the rate of Putnam's unemployment drops to 3 percent or lower. I know an awful lot of people who are unemployed and are having a very difficult time making ends meet.”

In its monthly report, the NYS Labor Department indicated 60,207 people in Putnam, Westchester and Rockland counties were unemployed with 6,212 residents of Putnam's six towns and three villages seeking employment.

The department also reported that 57,618 residents of Putnam are now employed.

The private sector job loss numbers throughout the entire nine-county Hudson Valley region total 1.3 million people who have become unemployed during the past year.

The Labor Department reported a 6.7 percent rate of unemployment in Westchester, 6.4 percent unemployment rate in Rockland, a 7.1 percent rate of unemployment in Dutchess County and 7.6 percent rate of unemployment in Orange County.

 Tompkins County, in upstate New York, recorded the state's lowest unemployment rate last month at 5.4 percent while Sullivan County again reported the highest unemployment rate in the Hudson Valley with a rate of 9.2 percent. Bronx County with its 11.8 percent had the highest unemployment rate in the entire state. 

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