2013-05-15 / Schools

Rowe Says Husband’s Website Not An Issue in Garrison Board Race

By Annie Chesnut

This week, Garrison school board candidate Charlotte Rowe said that her husband’s website, which includes some sexually explicit material, should not be a factor in the school board race.

Rowe, an incumbent, is seeking one of two seats for which she and two other candidates—Derek DuBois and Julia Bellrose Wynn—are vying.

The PCN&R was made aware of the site, www.chiprowe.com, on Monday. Mr. Rowe, a journalist and former senior editor at Playboy, describes himself in his LinkedIn profile as “a professional magazine editor and writer who specializes in sexuality, science, technology, humor and history [who has] appeared as an expert guest on 100+ television and radio programs.”

The site includes material—on a wide range of topics—written by Rowe roughly over the period 1992-2011, and typically the material is attributed to the publication (print or electronic) where it originally appeared. There are several collections of articles on sexually explicit topics.

There is also a series of small photos of Charlotte Rowe on a photo page labeled, “my wife wears my favorite Ts;” the photos are benign.

We asked Charlotte Snow Rowe if she felt the seaminess of some of her husband’s work might present a problem for her as a school board member. She responded, “Chip’s humor may not be for everyone but his contributions to Philipstown are above reproach: he serves as the facility services committee chair at St. Philip’s Church, he handles the boxtops fundraising campaign for the GUFS PTA, he coaches Rec Center sports teams, he’s a work-fromhome dad of three, and he helps out in numerous other capacities at both the church and school.”

She also told the PCN&R, “a lot of that material is very dated,” and “I’m not thinking about his humor writing when I’m making school board decisions.” She noted that her work and career are separate from his blog.

In the end, though, Ms. Rowe conceded that it’s really up to the voters of Garrison to decide at the polls, adding, “In terms of how we’re contributing to the community, it’s all about being positive.”

Garrison Superintendent Gloria Colucci was unavailable for comment owing to a late-running superintendent’s conference day.

School board President Raymond O’Rourke declined to comment.

We also contacted Rowe’s opponents, but those efforts were unavailing as of press time.

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