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The Great All-American Musical Disaster

Another stellar Mechalakos /Haldane production set for May 31 and June 1
By Tim Greco

If you are looking for a funny time that the theater, The Great All American Musical Disaster is a not-to-be-missed Haldane Middle School production and it has something for everybody! You are in for a treat, as the great Martha Mechalakos has another hit under her belt.

Sixth and 7th grade students are hard at work rehearsing their roles for this full-length comedy and farce by Tim Kelly.

Set in the 1970s, the story involves down on your luck film producer Junior Dover. Junior hasn’t made a picture since his last flop, “Zombies of the Stratosphere,” but his latest project has everything.

Junior induces every major Hollywood star, and a few has-beens, to appear by tailoring separate scripts to meet each star’s personal requirements. So each star assumes he or she is the whole picture, with the other greats relegated to supporting roles – an assumption that leads to all kinds of madcap stage frenzy. How Junior manages to stay one jump ahead of disaster makes this play a champion laugh-getter! This is Hollywood, after all! Anything can happen, and does!

Mechalakos has put great effort into this play as she had basically has handled all aspects of this production, including directing, props and costumes.

For this production there will be 2 swing casts for each day the show plays.

A total of 55 students are involved with this very funny play. Mechalakos said, “All the characters are broadly drawn and it gives the actors something to sink their teeth into.”

All the parts give a comic sweep to the legend that is Hollywood. This laugh out loud tale of an unscrupulous movie producer who insidiously cons six major stars (via six different scripts) into believing they are each the star of an upcoming movie, and by crafty shooting-schedules keeps them fooled until the movie's made.

The zany cast of characters include:  A gorgeous Actress Gee-Gee Fontaine – Body of a goddess, voice of a mouse. The dreamy actor Bob Everlove – yet another one-man love affair...

Chuckles Lafoon – The Comedian Actress “Funniest Lady in Show Business” or so she claims. Bronco Whinny: The Western Themed actor protective of his “image.”  Obnoxious child star Baby Bernice Bumble and her  “stage mother” Mrs. Bumble. Sylvia Metroland – a Tinseltown gossip columnist. Apassionatta Abalone – a forgotten old-time star. Only the films have gotten smaller, not her "talent."

Flint Wormwood – The stuck-up macho action movie actor. Theo Bartok – The vampire/horror movie actor.  Plato Voltaire – The stuck-up director. Greta Gutt – Hollywood's touchiest agent,  and many, many more.

Shows are May 31 and June 1 at 7 p.m. in the Haldane School Auditorium. Tickets are $15 general/$5 students and seniors.



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