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Temporary Water Line Ruptures

Quickly repaired as water overhaul continues
PCN&R Staff

As water main work continues in Cold Spring, a hiccup occurred Tuesday morning as a temporary line ruptured, the second time in three days for such a mishap.

Here is the text of the village’s statement, from early Tuesday morning:

At approximately 2:15 this morning, the 4" temporary water line ruptured at the intersection of Forge Gate Drive and Lunn Terrace. MSI crews were onsite and fixed the issue, but there will be a period of discoloration in the early morning hours. This is the second rupture in the same area, in the past 3 days. We will be looking into additional protective measures for more reliable service in that area, as the temporary lines will be necessary for the next 3 weeks while MSI completes its work.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

 The water main relining is intended to improve the village supply system. It began somewhat slowly in 2012, but is now proceeding with some haste. Last week on Tuesday, workers replaced a broken valve at Northern and Church, to allow that line to provide water as the main line is rehabilitated. The temporary water lines can be seen at the edge of the streets downtown marked with orange paint, with the lines buried at intersections.


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