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Haggerty Seeks Cold Spring Trustee Spot

Frank Haggerty is running as a write in for Cold Spring trustee.

Describe your background and why you should be elected.

I contributed to the village's Emergency Preparedness Task Force and the Parking Committee, having lived here for seven years. My professional field is in the engineering of technology machinery, and I did graduate study in International Relations, including sociology and political science, so I have skill sets the village board needs to make better decisions. Similarly missing skill sets I do believe include legal affairs, urban ecology, organizational psychology, finance, and probably general management.

What are the three most critical issues facing the village, and how should they be addressed?

The three most critical issues (they are all but equal in priority):

1) Increasing revenues available to fund village operations without adding any significant burden to the residents. This means Tax Revenue Sharing from the county and the state. This also probably means a special business tax district to fund necessary expenses and services related and proportionate to commercial sales activity.

2) Infrastructure maintenance and improvements including streets, curbs, drains, sidewalks, lighting, etc. Most critical here is the need for a rebuilt facility housing all of the following: the village's volunteer fire department, support for first responders, community meeting and activity space, and the village shelter in case of emergency.

3) Better management overall in a time of extremely dynamic change and overdue maintenance and investment. This means an expanded board (seven or more members) so that no one Trustee is so overworked or over-committed that board members are wholly unaware of other's activities and progress. Also this means stronger controls limiting the tendency toward secrecy and opaqueness (greater participation of the press and as much of the public must play a critical role here), and an institutionally more diverse board (e. g., ward system, proportional representation).

Consolidation has been talked about, but not consummated, for several years. Your take on what and how, if at all?

While I admit I need much more information on how the town works I am fairly confident that town and village are two different animals so that any hybrid would be unwise. Sharing of services makes more sense particularly in a case where one entity has acknowledged expertise vs. another in need of it. On the other hand there is something to be said for redundancy and backup in case of unexpected developments.

Can the village do any more to assist or encourage business in the village?

Simply making the village safe and functional and its operations and policies trans- parent and user-friendly will go a long way to assisting and encouraging businesses (and everyone else). We are not there yet and as I have written elsewhere the reasons largely are an institutional "underfunding" resulting in a dangerous "overloading" of the governmental functions. This constricts at many levels the ability to delivery necessary services.

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