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Merandy Seeks Another Term as CS Mayor

Dave Merandy is running for Cold Spring mayor.

Describe your background and why you should be elected?

I’m a fourth generation Cold Springer with 15 years’ experience as an elected official serving this community, dealing with capital improvement projects, budgets, infrastructure, interviews and negotiations. I have 40 years construction experience, reading blueprints, budgeting and working with all trades. My combined experience as an elected official and as a contractor lend themselves perfectly to the issues the village will be facing in the next few years. I have a proven track record.

What are the three most critical issues facing the village, and how should they be addressed?

1. The Dams. Critical to the repairs of our dams is a new connection to the NYC aqueduct system. Dealing with the DEP has not been easy and has hampered progress. As negotiations continue with the DEP, an engineering firm is evaluating the dams and a report is due next month. Once an agreement with DEP is reached and engineering reports are in, the village can determine scope and cost of project and move ahead with securing a contractor and the actual work.

2. Firehouse. A list of major repairs was recently submitted to the Village Board. Included were the roof, HVAC system and floor. The Firehouse is village owned and an asset that must be maintained. Options and costs to replace or repair must be solicited and funds found to execute the work needed.

3. Sidewalk and tree maintenance. The safety of our residents should be our top priority. Sidewalks are constantly shifting and many of our trees are aging; both factors increase risk of injury. Our Tree Advisory Board is working hard on a maintenance plan and the same must be done with our sidewalks. Funds to these 2 budget lines need to be increased.

Consolidation has been talked about, but not consummated, for several years. Your take on what and how, if at all?

Consolidation of the village Building Dept. with the Town of Philipstown is underway. Philipstown is currently doing all inspections at the Butterfield Project and we are now implementing a “test run” period where Philipstown will process a few applications to better understand our codes, the process and the time required for applications. If Philipstown feels they can take on the extra workload then an agreement will be negotiated and consolidation completed.

Can the village do any more to assist or encourage business in the village?

The Village invested heavily in the improvements to Main St. via the Main St. Project. Merchants will directly benefit from these improvements as it lends to a safer, cleaner and more beautiful visitor experience. We have also directed additional funds for the beautification of the newly expanded tree beds. A representative group or designated spokesperson to communicate and work with the Village Board on behalf of merchants is needed.

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