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Lahey Renovations Reviewed at Historic Board

By Dennis Mazzuca

Butterfield was back at the Historic District Review Board Wednesday night for the start of a new round of workshops. The board did approve changes to the lighting fixtures on building 2, the just built structure which will be the new home of medical offices. However, the bulk of the workshop was spent reviewing plans for exterior changes to the Lahey Pavilion, which will house the long awaited senior center, a new home for the post office, and a retail space. The Butterfield team was not yet ready to commit to replacing all the windows on the building.

The main issue revolved around three parapets that are proposed to go on the building. Some on the board liked them, thinking they break up the monotony of the building, while others would rather they not be as tall, or not be included at all, believing the banding they are adding to the building does the job of making it less boring, and ties Lahey into the rest of the complex. Another worry was that it would be too reminiscent of a shopping mall strip, although the counter to this was that the parapets would not be used to note entrance ways, or used for signage.

The main entrance used today for the medical offices will be used for the senior center, with two other senior center entrances also included. One of these will be facing the proposed senior living buildings. There will be the entrance to the post office, and to the retail space as well.

They also talked about the roof, and the possibility of skylights to break it up, as the roof will be visible from other buildings on the site. Chair Al Zgolinski pushed for a Green Roof option, which would have a section of the roof covered in vegetation. Zgolinski did warn that the biggest issue with such an option would not be cost, but rather the weight.

The board commented on the loading dock for the post office, saying they thought it would be bigger than it was.

The Butterfield team left appreciating the board’s input, and will be back for another workshop with updated plans.

Another workshop was held for a home on Fishkill Street, the family is proposing a rear addition. The applicants were only starting the workshop process, and were looking for a direction to go in. The board told them they would need a site plan, preferably one that showed existing with the proposed in dotted lines, or something similar. They were also told that an interior floor plan, while not necessary, would help them in determining the placement of exterior doors.

Other business at the meeting included approving a door and wooden steps at a Paulding Street house, with either open or closed risers, and declaring member Andrea Conner’s application for an addition to the rear of her High Street home ready for public hearing on March 22.

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