Troop 2504’s 4th Grade Girls, from Haldane, Manitou and Garrison, Talk Civics

Editor’s Note: Tara Flagler is the leader for Troop 2504. In today’s often challenging political environment, the girls in her troop show that all politics is indeed local. On Monday, Feb. 11, we met at the Town Hall with Nancy Montgomery. We were working on a Women in Politics Badge and I thought having a local legislator talk to my […]

5G Legislation and Winter Parking Discussed at Nelsonville Workshop

The Village of Nelsonville held a public workshop Thursday night to discuss an update around 5G wireless networks, as well as review winter parking. About a dozen members of the public came out for the discussions. Kicking things off with the topic of 5G, Mayor Bill O’Neill mentioned that the village is currently working on passing a law that would […]

More Moratoriums in Philipstown

From construction to water runoff issues, residents of private roads have been a constant fixture in Philipstown municipal meetings lately. Over at the Planning Board, residents fought over road access to Lake Celeste Drive, vehemently against any and all new construction. And more recently, at the Town Board, Upland Drive residents have complained about water runoff and the severe damage […]

17-Year-Old Putnam Valley Boy Dies From Gunshot Wound

Funeral services were held Saturday at the Yorktown Funeral Home in Shrub Oak for 17-year-old Elias Knapp, a popular Putnam Valley High School senior, who died from an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on the evening of February 1. The Putnam 9-1-1 Dispatch Center in Carmel received a call at 7:45 pm reporting the shooting at the Knapp […]

If it’s Tuesday, it must be snowing. Right? Surely it seems that way.


A number of local officials around the state are sounding the alarm bells on legalizing pot for recreational use, something Gov. Andrew Cuomo seems hell-bent on doing. The NYS Sheriffs’ Association is the latest such group, joined by the statewide Parent-Teacher Organizations and AAA. Several, including Putnam’s Sheriff Robert L. Langley Jr., said that legalization has the potential to make […]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Sugar for Your Sugar

(and two Sweet Cookie Choices)

Valentine’s Day comes this week. Bring on the sugar, Sugar! Date sugar, maple sugar, coconut sugar, dextrose, fructose, and, of course, the ever popular cane sugar. And don’t forget beet sugar. Where did all this sweetness begin? Sugar from sugar cane originated in the very distant past somewhere near the Bay of Bengal. From there the sweet stuff moved into […]