Coronavirus Infections Soar in Putnam County; Beloved Putnam 9-1-1 Dispatcher and Former Fire Chief One of the Victims


Update as of Friday afternoon: Putnam County now has 688 cases across the county, with 64 in Philipstown and 74 in Putnam Valley, according to the latest county figures. And, according to state figures, 32 people from Putnam have died. One of those was Robert ‘Robbie’ Shannon, a man whose life centered in and around the emergency services profession. The […]

Putnam County Strong, NY Strong

Thankgiving & Gratitude for Essential Workers

The shrill sounds of sirens and the staccato blasts of horns permeated the air Saturday morning. A parade of gratitude consisting of 55 pieces of firefighting apparatus, ambulances, police vehicles and heavy tow trucks manned by more than 125 responders converged on Putnam Hospital Center. A thank you to hospital staff for their outstanding work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fire […]

Santos Family Loses An Anchor

COLD SPRING – Melissa Santos recalled that her husband, Darrin Santos Sr., was never the dad living vicariously through his athlete children. Instead, he was the ultimate booster for all three of his kids and, really, for an entire community in Cold Spring – all the way from youth sports to Haldane High School athletics. “You always knew he was […]

TALK of our TOWN

And so, depending on when each of us began this self-imposed exile, we are approaching day 25, or 30, or even 35. Who could have imagined it? It like a science fiction novel, or one of those Michael Crichton books, where the rate of spread keeps inexorably increasing, endangering entire communities, then nations. You get the idea. Cunningham has some […]

Notes from the New Reality: Locals’ Logistical Acrobatics Get an ‘A’ Grade

Here’s what’s going well in Cold Spring and around: The businesses that can adapt are adapting—incredibly well. Today alone, I emailed a PDF to Grey Printing and picked up the document in the outside box half an hour later. My transaction with Drug World was equally speedy. I had one prescription waiting: I pulled up to the storefront, and gloved […]

Metro-North Slashes Schedule

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced Metro-North to drastically reduce its schedule on both the Harlem and Hudson Divisions. Effective Monday (April 13), trains are running into and out of Grand Central to Putnam County on an hourly schedule on both weekdays and weekends. The railroad had been adding extra trains for essential workers during peak commuting hours. Metro-North reminded customers […]

Cold Spring Opens, Closes Budget Hearing

Last Tuesday (April 7) the Cold Spring Village Board met to open the budget public hearing. The hearing was closed when the Board met again on Friday for that sole purpose. During the Tuesday night meeting, the Board received one comment online that expressed worry over an increase in taxes while the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis continue. […]

Charting a Path Forward

Cunningham’s Corner

What I plan to watch next: Killing Eve, Season 3, which debuted Sunday evening. If there is the teeniest of bright spots in this damn grim time, that was one. I recommend it. Start at Season 1. What I’m reading: I tend to read most of the Sunday coverage from the larger papers. Having spent 20 years working for a […]

Mask Makers Guild Mobilizes to Fills Gaps in PPE Supplies, Draws 600 Volunteers in Massive Effort


The Putnam County Mask Makers Guild formed in mid-March. A group of neighbors read about shortages of personal protective gear for first responders and, communicating on Facebook, decided they could help. This county is full of talented people, and it has been amazing to see expertise from all different towns come together to make a quality product. Professional stitchers Charlotte […]

Gardening GUSTO

Yes, We Must Have Flowers
(with Lemon and Ricotta Pasta)

Time marches (slowly) on. Last week we watched for the greening of Putnam County. Farm fields, roadsides, and wild places are gradually transforming from brown and gray to green and yellow. Days began to feel a bit more hopeful because nature marked the passing of time. And, at night, we were treated to the April 7th rising of the Pink […]